Sunday, March 06, 2005

Reminder to update your passports [originally posted Feb 25]

If you are a citizens of the 27 countries who are allowed to travel to the US visa- free, here's a suggestion renew your passport as soon as possible. After Oct 2005 (?), all new passports from those countries will have to contain a RFID chip. The problem is, there is no plan to implement an encryption scheme so anyone with a RFID reader will be able to read your passport without your knowledge. You could be standing at the check-in counter, showing your passport to the airline staff and someone next to you, sniffs your identity right off the radio waves. While there is some dispute as to how easy this is, it's certainly doesn't sound very safe. So why not renew your passport before your country slaps a RFID on your and send a friendly email to and let them know what you think.


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