Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Consolidation in the software industry

According to WSJ (Sorry no link) the top 5 independent software companies are

1. Microsoft
2. Oracle
3. SAP
4. CA
5. Adobe

The list doesn't include InfoSys and Electronic Arts, which I guess the WSJ doesn't count as independent software companies. What is interesting is that after the Adobe+Macromedia merger and the Symantec+Veritas merger, the list should look like this:

1. Microsoft
2. Oracle
3. SAP
4. Symantec+Veritas
5. Adobe+Macromedia
6. CA

The next company in terms of market cap would be Intuit ($7.7b) and after that its all niche software companies ie. Autodesk, Verisign and Checkpoint. Is this going to be the list of top-tier software companies or are there other big mergers in the works?


At 3:27 PM, Blogger tinderboxx said...

Oracle-SAP is always a possibility. Check out this slip-up by the SAP CEO.


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