Monday, October 15, 2007

Facebook Haters

Facebook fan-boys face-off against Jason Calcanis

Another post by over-the-hill Facebook Haters.

Even though I think Facebook is more quantity than quality, these people's comments clearly label them as Facebook haters. Here are the common "gripes" directed at Facebook

1) Facebook is a fad

Yeah, so was Youtube and Blogger. Facebook may be on every news cover, but it doesn't change the fact that 50 million young (and some not so so young) people have signed up for the site and emptied out their relationship data.

2) Facebook is not innovative technology

I am not even going to compare FB to other web2 sites, because frankly Facebook has lot more technology than most other web2 sites that were hailed as innovative when they first launched (Ie. you vote on user-submitted links but we don't call it voting!).

Facebook is not Google and likely will never have as many brains as Google does. But Facebook is the new platform for developers, just ask the people who created 5500 new applications in the space of a few months.

3) Facebook is not the next Google / MySpace / AOL

See above

3) Facebook is over-valued

No comment there.

4) Facebook won't find a job for me / find a date for me / butter my toast / ....

Facebook still reminds me of a dorm network for college kids, and if you are too old to care then go some f*** place else!


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