Friday, May 06, 2005

Evil Google

An article about how Google's web accelerator can bring up other folk's password protected pages. There's something seriously wrong with the idea of Google's web accelerator. Even if Google's servers are twice as fast as your average website, just think: the more you access Google's cache instead of the original site, the more investment will be directed building servers for Google instead of the Internet. Do you really want to be using the Google network instead of the Internet? A world where Google knows everything you do online and then uses it to determine what content is most relevant for you? Every morning, you sign onto the Google Network and then get your search, your mail and your webpages from Google. Then you go home and see what Google Video has downloaded onto your Tivo. While you are watching a video hosted by Google, you use your cell phone Google function to find the nearest Pizza delivery. Ah, just enough time to use Google Chat to find your friends...

This is something worth thinking about while you are brushing your teeth, and also while you pause for your webpages to download.


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