Saturday, January 07, 2006

Switch to Linux by 2007 or else!

Unknown to many users, Microsoft has a put in place a program of phasing out support for popular versions of their software, just in time to get you to pay for the next version. So get ready for this -- Microsoft will no longer offer security updates for Windows XP Home ater 2006:

From a Micosoft spokesperson:
"For consumer products, security updates will be available through the end of the mainstream phase. For Windows XP Home Edition, there will be no security updates after 12/31/06." Regarding paid support for problems unrelated to security patches, I was told that "Users who want to continue to receive support after the Microsoft assisted and paid support offerings have ended may visit the Retired Product Support Options Web site."

This is particularly strange given that Windows Vista may not be ready until the end of 2006. Anyway, I have no plans to upgrade to Vista so it looks like I should get ready to dump Windows altogether by 2007.


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